Stone Dom-ino, 2012

In 1914, Le Corbusier conceived of a standardized system of construction using reinforced concrete. This model proposed an open floor plan consisting of concrete slabs supported by a number of concrete columns around the edges. The Dom-ino House (1914-1915) is a mythical modern structure. We re-imagine this as a new landscape.


mineral specimen


Dom-ino House, Le Corbusier, 1914


소쇄원도, 1755, 목판


About a stone landscape. (The aesthetical taste of stone)
No essence is acquired from the east if one cannot realize the exquisite scene of a stone with dried moss in cold, gloomy and even solitary winter. Looking back on the past that people smile as they place a small rock at a corner of a small court yard and try to grow moss on the surface of the rock by watering them, or drawing a lump of thing on a plain paper, which is abstract and omitted but dashing with firm character and names it stone painting., makes me pleased. Tasting the best delicacy from the flavorless, hearing thunders in a silence, and the feeling of sensing lines with eyes closed when playing Geomungo, Korean traditional instrument, are possible because they all have thread of connection with the ‘aesthetics of stone’ . The aesthetical taste of stone.